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Boaz Vaadia

Born in Israel in 1951, Boaz Vaadia is an internationally known sculptor who works primarily in stone and bronze. His work is sited in various pubic locations, such as the Time Warner Center, New York City and included in many museums and private collections throughout the world, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, and the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco.

Boaz Vaadia moved to New York in 1975 when the city was undergoing transition. The city’s detritus- vestigial windowsills, shingles, and curb stones- were all readily available, permitting the recycling of nature’s resources. Vaadia was attracted to the slate and bluestone, ubiquitous materials of the city’s former sidewalks. He works with slate, shingle, bluestones, and boulders from the immediate area surrounding his studio in New York City.

His characteristic style features figures in postures of repose or watchfulness. Vaadia’s sculptures are created by mimicking the geological layering of the stone, which he adopted as a natural model for his own sculptural process. He sees this process as a logical metaphor for our human layering of experience and memory. These figurative works are created by stacking individual layers of stone, which the artist later began casting in bronze.

Maakha & Rehavam, 2013.
Bronze, basalt and bluestone.
65 x 64 x 44". Edition 5 + 1 A.P.

Boaz Vaadia
Boaz Vaadia